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Relationship Reset

Have a breakthrough in any relationship that's important to you. Release old emotions and energy, opening the door to new beginnings and possibilities. 

How will this help me?


Relationships that have strong emotional charge get blurry. Clear the emotions and you'll see the other person and the relationship with crystal clear vision.


Let go of old judgements, conclusions and anything else stopping you from gaining greater awareness in this relationship. 


Reclaim any power that has been taken from you or that you've given away. Find a healthy, aligned space for you in the relationship now. 

What happens in a session?

Brett will use energetic clearing to move the stagnant energy in the relationship. 

The thorough clearing process means we will discover the core issues that are blocking natural energy flow in a relationship, by identifying and working on the source/root causes.

It’s no longer peeling the layers of the onion. It’s like having a sharp knife, cutting straight down the middle of the onion to reveal the core.

The session will go for approximately 90 minutes via Zoom.  

Investment - $180 AUD

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