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Alpha Alignment

Unblock stagnant and stuck energy in your body and allow it to flow naturally again. Deeply healing, relaxing and balancing.

How would this help me?


Release the blocks in your energy and nervous system, and receive clarity from being back in your natural state of balance.


Access the "Alpha" state where your creativity flows, ideas are in abundance and solutions can reach you with ease.


The brain slows down and the body moves towards balance and softens, resulting in an experience of peace and calmness within.

What happens in a session?

It’s a fast, effective energetic tune-up that's highly targeted to your blockages. We unblock the energy and open up the body, resulting in stress release, relaxation and clarity. It's working with the nervous system and involves pulling the arms, legs and head to send energy to areas of the body that are in need of opening and balancing. You'll feel different within 10 minutes. 


When you experience an Alpha Alignment, you generate Alpha brainwaves. These are slower brainwaves than Beta; what we spend most of our waking hours operating in. In Beta, we are often doing focused work, figuring things out, working hard to solve problems and have several thoughts going on in our minds. As you move into the Alpha state, your breathing slows down, you become more relaxed and remain alert. It gives you a feeling of being clear and present.


The Alpha brainwave is related to creativity, where ideas flow easily. It’s like being in “solution mode” - you may find the usual events/experiences that you perceived as problems and stressed about are no longer perceived this way.

The Alpha Alignment session goes for 30 minutes and is an in-person experience only - available in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Investment - $60 AUD

(Payment can be made via card or cash at the appointment)

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