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Energy Reading

Get clarity in any relationship with a person, area of life such as money, career, or find out what's happening within you. 

How will this help me?


Get clear on what's happening within you and the energy that is active within you. The truth will support you in seeing clearly with fresh eyes.


See from a higher level, a bird's eye view. From there, you may open yourself to new possibilities and choices that you couldn't access before.


Permission to trust yourself and move forward on your heart's desires and intuition. The truth will get louder, helping you take action. 

What happens in a session?

Brett can help you get clear on things like:

  • Alignment with your purpose

  • What is blocking or sabotaging you from living your purpose

  • Deep-rooted fears and worries

  • Hidden unconscious beliefs that are holding you back

  • How open your energy centres are

  • How much support you’re receiving from what’s available to you

  • Where more support is available to you now and how to access it

  • Energetic entanglements with people in your life (past or present)

  • Unprocessed emotions, energy and trauma

  • Plus so much more

An energy reading goes for 30 minutes via Zoom. 

Investment - $122 AUD

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