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Master Key

The fundamental energetic clearing program to release the most common blockages from all seven energy centres. 

Are you feeling stuck, blocked or just not quite yourself?


Do you feel like there is untapped potential within you waiting to be unleashed?


Our 7-week one-on-one course is designed to help you clear unprocessed energy and emotions from each of the 7 energy centres, starting at the base.


Drawing inspiration from Joe Dispenza's work, we will guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery, growth and empowerment.

Each week, we will focus on one energy centre and use techniques such as meditation, visualisation and emotional release to clear any blockages or negative emotions associated with that centre.

As Joe Dispenza puts it, "When we begin to break down the emotional addictions and habits that keep us stuck in our past, and we can remove those emotional states of being that are connected to our past, we are no longer living in the past—we are living in the present moment."

As you clear each energy centre, you will open yourself up to new levels of potential and energy, accessing more of your true self, including your power, freedom and courage.


You will connect more deeply with your heart and passion, and experience greater clarity and connection to your intuition and higher self. This will make it easier for you to take action on guidance, intuition and signs, and to move forward with ease and confidence.

As a result of completing this program, you will notice that procrastination and fear drop away, and that you become more attuned to the callings of your soul.


You will also experience a reduction in emotions such as guilt and shame, and feel lighter and more free as you release the heaviness of the past.

Invest in yourself and join us on this powerful 7-week journey of self-discovery and transformation. You deserve to access your full potential and live a life of joy, fulfilment and purpose.

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