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Energetic Clearing

Feel free and powerful by clearing stored energy and emotions that are affecting your relationship with material things, themes, values, emotions, people and more.

How will this help me?

Feel Lighter

Go from storing energy and emotions in the unconscious to cleaning them out around the topic of your choice. Let go of what's not yours or no longer needed. 

Insights & Awareness

Receive any relevant perspectives and lessons around this topic. A new perspective and relationship will be born from greater awareness.

Emotional Release

Acknowledge emotions and beliefs that have been active around this topic. When you see and acknowledge them, they start to move.

What happens in a session?

Brett will pull out as many emotions, limiting beliefs and unprocessed energy as he can. You won't be talking much, but rather allowing yourself to release from Brett's process. Flip a negative relationship into a positive one, by addressing all the unconscious energy under the surface. You will hear and see things that feel true for you, which will begin to break down any old stories, judgements and conclusions that are longer relevant for you.

This session will go for approximately 90 minutes via Zoom. 

Investment - $180 AUD

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